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Style is such a personal choice. It allows you to transform into someone else or hide behind a look depending on your mood. Every day you really can be a new person with your take on "style". We are excited to introduce a new series to the Fite blog, where we parlay with stylish individuals wearing our Fite tees and ask them a few questions, stuff you are dying to know, we are sure!

Today we introduce Macy from Wander with Macy, a Miami beauty with a passion for content curation, travel and style.

Hey, Macy, thanks for taking the time to chat today!

First up, tell us a little about your blog?
My blog is called Wander With Macy! I specialize in Travel + Style. I started back in July to finalize the website and now I'm full throttle! I write about all my travels and some products here and there. You can find my site at:

What do you love about your Fite tee?
I love the quality! It's my perfect standard tee shirt. Easy to wear and no second guessing!

What were the immediate thoughts you had when you first got your package and felt the material?
I love a loose fit, so when I felt the tees they were light and airy. They were not constraining or tight fitting. Tees should be comfortable and loose!

Besides this gorgeous red sweater look, how else do you envision wearing your Fite tee this Fall?
I would style them with any lightweight jacket! Since I live in Miami, I have few options for Fall since its still SO hot! But would wear them with a simple pair of denim jeans or shorts & boots :)

If you can have any color Fite tee made what color would it be?
I have been loving blush and beige colors (dark and light). Also a mustard color tee would be cool! Editors Note: We have blush coming this Winter, stay tuned to order the pre-sale.

In your opinion what’s your perfect way to wear a little white tee shirt? Or black tee, depending on your preference
For a white tee, I love pairing it with a nice black bra-lette with denim shorts. Even adding a felt hat or baseball cap is my go to casual look!

Thanks for kicking off our stylish series Macy! Follow Fite's Instagram to get acquainted with more stylish ladies just like Macy. If you want to be featured next email us at

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