What started out as a mission to create the perfect tee has turned into a journey on how to produce a responsibly made line of beautiful t-shirts.

“How can something so simple and essential be so hard to find?” Was the question Holly kept asking herself three years ago. However, her search proved elusive and everywhere she looked tees were either poor quality, too sloppy, too expensive or too delicate. Thus Fite (short for “fitted tee” was born).

We passionately devised a collection of timeless luxury tees, that feel amazing, are easy to care for and drape beautifully. Fite Tees are made in Los Angeles at a top tier factory where they expertly craft every stitch and seam.

Recently, we have started the journey of becoming a fully sustainable brand. We produce our collections with integrity and are continuously considering how we can lighten our environmental footprint. We recognize it's an evolutionary process and we our passionate about doing our part.