Plastic materials such as polyester, rayon & spandex have enhanced apparel manufacturing. However this results in harmful chemicals ingested into our skin, and being released into our water systems.  In fact the fashion industry is responsible for 500 tons of plastic micro fibers entering our oceans annually.

 At Fite Luxury we are expanding our consciousness about responsible fashion. We manufacture our Tees with integrity and are continuously considering how we can lighten our environmental footprint. Here are a few of the ways we are focusing on being more sustainable:  

- SLOW fashion mindset: This is the idea of creating, and buying garments for quality and longevity. We produce luxurious Tees that are designed to last and look gorgeous wash after wash.  

- Local production: Our Tees are made in California at a top tier factory that we trust and respect. Our carbon footprint is greatly reduced by having a local manufacturing base.  In addition we have partnered with to further commit to carbon neutrality. 

- Eliminating harmful invisible plastics from our Tees:  This means no polyester, rayon or other toxic materials.  In addition we source fabrics that are as eco friendly as possible without compromising our quality. All of our fabrics are produced in a closed loop system, meaning that no toxins are released into the environment.  

We recognize becoming a sustainable brand is an evolving process. Together we will continue to strive and reduce our impact.