Did you know that most tees are woven from materials made from plastic. Polyester, rayon & spandex blends mean plastics & chemicals against your skin, and that toxic micro fibers are being released into the water every time you wash them. 


Tragically the fashion industry is responsible for 500 tons of plastic micro fibers entering our oceans every year. These facts and our many learnings along the way are what     inspired us to start the journey of becoming an even more sustainably oriented brand.


To us responsible fashion means producing our collections with integrity and continuously considering how we can lighten our environmental footprint.

Here are a few sustainable fashion components that we are currently focused on: 

SLOW fashion: The opposite of fast fashion. We create product that is made to last and looks gorgeous wash after wash. Say goodbye to throwaway tees that loose their shape          or fall apart and end up at the bottom of your drawer or even worse, in a land fill.

Local production:  Our tees are made in Los Angeles at a top tier family owned factory that we trust and visit regularly. Our carbon footprint is drastically reduced by having a            Los Angeles manufacturing base where everything is done under one roof.

Eliminating all the toxic invisible plastics from our tees:  This means no polyester, rayon or other toxic materials. As well as using fabrics that are as eco friendly as possible with-    out compromising our quality. 


We recognize becoming a responsible fashion brand is an evolutionary process. We invite you to join us as we continue the conversation and evolve our sustainability practices.